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Lotus range

What makes the difference?

The Lotus, Elise, Exige, Evora, Emira and Evija ranges carry in their genes the attributes developed by the brand's designer, Colin Chapman:

  • lightness, thanks to its unique chassis;
  • agility through responsiveness, precision and control;
  • lthe use of cutting-edge techniques and materials contributing to its lightness (Lotus was the designer and pioneer of the monocoque chassis, the use of carbon fibre and advanced aerodynamics);
  • a rigorous, artisanal builder: the manufacturing process is manual and all options and combinations are possible, both for the exterior and the interior

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Lotus cars

Lotus Elise

S3 220 Sprint - Occasion

Lotus Elise

S3 1.6 - Occasion

Lotus Exige

S2 Cup 260 (track) - Occasion