Improved performance for racing or leisure sport drive can be achieved through our performance optimisation program. Improved performance is not only engine horsepower, but a well-balanced general improvement of all components that will provide you the best experience on road, track or rally. The main optimization steps are :

  • Brake improvement (performance and endurance)
  • Engine (cooling, fuel carburation / injection, exhaust system et power improvement)
  • Gearbox (cooling, reinforcement, differential)
  • Frame and body work (suspension, torsion bar, transmission and driveline)
  • Sale and installation of additional security parts (bucket seats, rollbars, extinghuishers, Vente et placement d’accessoires de sécurité (baquets, arceaux, extincteurs mécaniques ou électriques, circuit-breakers,…)
  • Upgrade and conformity (FIA et others)
  • Weight reduction program
  • ...


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